Safety Alert 031

Developed with Glen Dimplex Home Appliances
Belling gas inlet connector elbows

Date issued: 20 June 2023

This Safety Alert provides guidance to Gas Safe registered businesses/engineers about a product safety concern related to gas hob inlet connector elbows installed in holiday caravans, lodges and residential park homes.

Gas Safe Register has been advised by the manufacturer of an issue regarding gas inlet connector elbows fitted to some Belling gas hobs manufactured after May 2019. This issue concerns only the models detailed in the table below installed in holiday caravans, lodges and residential park homes.

Safety concern
Belling has identified a potential issue with the silver gas inlet elbow connector on some gas hobs breaking when installed in holiday caravans, lodges and park homes. If the inlet elbow is as shown in Figure 1 (below), the elbow must be replaced.

Figure 1: Gas inlet elbow original position on appliance

Corrective actions
To eliminate this issue, the silver gas connector (if as described previously) must be changed as outlined as below. This can be either another elbow or a straight coupling, depending on the pipe configuration.

GDHA has a limited number of suitable connector fittings available that can be supplied. Please contact Belling on 0343 212 1088 or by email at, quoting part number 082671464.

Further details on how to carry out this work can be found in GDHA Technical Bulletin
TB 451.

Safety notices have also been added to the manufacturer’s website here.

Models affected
The full list of models affected is:
444410131 BEL GHU602GC Sta
444410132 BEL GTG60C Blk
444410133 BEL GHU75C Sta
444410134 BEL GTG75C Blk
444410193 ST GTG60C Blk
444410443 BEL GHU602C LPG Sta
444410444 BEL GTG600C LPG Blk
444410446 BEL GHU75C LPG Sta
444410447 BEL GTG75C LPG Blk
444411638 BEL GHU753RI STA