Have your say on Technical Bulletin draft

Technical Bulletin 053 ‘Modular boiler installations – competency requirements and applicable industry standards’ has been redrafted and will eventually be replaced by Technical Bulletin 014B ‘Working within scope of work categories’.

This will expand on other areas of industry that would also benefit from guidance for competency within the varied environments that gas engineers may encounter during their working day.

TB 014B has been drafted for review and you now have the opportunity to tell the committee panel what you think about it and provide your comments and opinions.

Are you satisfied with its content as it is now? Or is there anything that you think should change? Is there any information missing that should be included? Or anything else?

You can review the draft of TB 014B here. The draft will be available for your feedback until 28 July 2023. It will then be removed so that your comments and feedback can be reviewed.

When you have reviewed the Technical Bulletin, please send your comments to technical@GasSafeRegister.co.uk

Only Gas Safe registered engineers may comment, and you must provide your registration number in the email. Please use ‘TB 014B comments’ as the subject line in your email.

The Technical Team will not be able to respond to your comments and suggestions, particularly during the review process.