Amendment to boats pipe sizing table

NICEIC Certification has issued an important amendment to its Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety On Site Guide. Gas engineers who undertook NICEIC’s LPG boat training course or bought the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Guide before May 2022 should be aware of the following addendum, published by NICEIC, in response to an error in in Section 13: Boats: Table 13.1. Pipe sizing table.

Table 13.1 is reproduced from Table A.1, Annex A of BS EN ISO 10239 Small craft – Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) systems.

Prior to May 2022, first column of Table 13.1 had the heading “Inside diameter of hose/outside diameter ofcopper pipework (mm)”, which reflected the 2008 edition of BS EN ISO 10239, but which was subsequentlyamended in 2014, and remains unchanged in the latest 2017 edition of BS EN ISO 10239, to read “Inside diameter of hose/pipe”.

The remainder of the table, including the important pressure drop values have not changed over the years and is correctly reflected within Table 13.1 of the Guide.

The current version of NICEIC Certification’s LPG Guide (Version 7 dated May 2022, ISBN: 978-1-83863-036-2), contains the correctly labelled table as shown in the image.

Gas engineers are reminded that when sizing gas pipework, particularly when a given size is close to itstheoretical pressure loss limit, to use pipe/hose manufacturer’s data, which will take account of the pipe wall thickness when specifying the correct pipe size to use.