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Tech spec set for hydrogen-ready boilers

HHIC members have developed a technical specification for hydrogen-ready boilers and shared the information with the government.

The definition will help to ensure that safe products are made ready for a switch from natural gas to hydrogen, along with a pledge that the conversion takes less than an hour to complete by a Gas Safe competent engineer, using manufacturers’ certificated conversion kits.

HHIC director Stewart Clements says: A gas appliance that ‘out of the box’ is designed and approved to be installed for use on natural gas, and following a conversion and re-commissioning process in the home, will then operate safely and efficiently using a hydrogen supply, is essential to deliver a net-zero heating solution for the vast majority of homes in the UK.

“Converting the gas grid to hydrogen requires a boiler than can be converted. Industry has agreed how this should be done, to minimise the cost and impact.

“Converting a boiler in less than an hour is less time than it currently takes to service a boiler. This is a huge step forward to help the UK decarbonise, while giving the consumer all the benefits they get at the moment from their heating system.”

“These technical developments are an essential ingredient in building the platform to enable a safe and cost-effective switch to a net-zero future. Our members have agreed this technical specification and have shared it with BEIS for them to factor it into future energy policy announcements.

“This definition is necessary should the government mandate that only hydrogen-ready boilers are installed in UK homes from 2025.”

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