Motorbike delivery rider

Spare parts and sausage rolls

Snap-It is offering a free Greggs sausage or vegan sausage roll when you place an order through its app plus £10 off the first five orders.*

The new on-demand delivery service lets you order spare parts and materials at the click of a button and have them delivered to you within the M25 within 30-40 minutes.

The mobile app enables you to buy more than 60,000 plumbing and heating parts from 50+ retailers, including Gas World, Embassy Plumbing, Pimlico Plumbers, E15, Jacobs Plumbing and WMI.

Founder Viktor Muhhin says: “Snap-It delivers materials to tradespeople on demand, allowing them to complete more jobs and increase annual earnings.”

You can download the app on iOS and Google Play.

*limited time offer, £15 min spend.

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