Reader offer: 20% off VanGuardian’s 2 Dual Alarm bundle

We first talked to VanGuardian inventor Mike Horsfall two years ago when he was getting his business under way. And after his appearance on Dragons’ Den earlier this year, we caught up with him again to find out what the showbiz entrepreneurs thought of his innovative vehicle alarm system. You can read the full interview in the April 2023 edition of Registered Gas Engineer magazine.

Exclusive offer
VanGuardian is a flexible zonal alarm system that activates on contact to provide a warning before any damage is done to your van, not afterwards.

A new omnidirectional sound diffraction cover plate is now included with every order. The patented design makes the alarm even louder and provides an additional layer of tamper-proof protection for your VanGuardian alarm unit underneath, locking it into place securely and removable with a specially designed tool. It also provides full waterproof protection.

The VanGuardian 2 Dual Alarm bundle includes two master remote controls and retails at £180 plus VAT. It’s highly recommended for protecting the back door and side door on any medium to large van.

As a reader of Registered Gas Engineer, VanGuardian is offering you an exclusive discount of 20 per cent when you buy its top-selling and most powerful dual-alarm bundle online: you must use the code GasSafe20.

Terms and conditions
• You can buy an unlimited number of alarm bundles.
• Delivery time is currently 10-14 days from ordering.

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