gas engineer servicing a gas boiler

Now’s the time to get a gas safety check, says HSE

Getting household gas appliances and pipework checked in summer can ensure that homes are safe and help to keep bills lower in winter, says HSE. The regulator is encouraging people to get their gas checks done before the weather turns colder and households use more gas.

Gas appliances should be checked regularly to prevent gas escapes and prevent carbon monoxide being released. Regular servicing can also help gas appliances run more efficiently and, in turn, save money on household bills.

Help is available for those struggling to pay for checks, says HSE. In some circumstances, suppliers can offer free gas safety checks through the Priority Services Register. Households can find more advice and information by contacting their gas supplier.

Recent domestic gas incidents have attracted significant media coverage and HSE is reassuring people they need to be careful but not unduly concerned. John Rowe, HSE policy lead for gas safety, says: “Gas is an incredibly safe way of fuelling your house. Serious incidents are still extremely rare, although of course for those involved they can be devastating.

“We should all be careful and not unduly concerned about using gas in our homes. We’re encouraging householders to get a gas check. Doing so could save them money in the long run but will also keep them safe.”

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