Stelrad Compact K3 radiator

New low-temperature systems CPD from Stelrad

Stelrad’s newest CPD programme is a guide to heating the home with heat emitters on low-temperature systems. The CPD, accredited by CIBSE and RIBA, comes in response to the government’s plans to make buildings ready to accept low-carbon technologies.

A low-temperature heating system operates at lower temperatures than a traditional gas boiler-driven heating system. Traditional gas systems operate at around 80°C whereas low temperature systems operate efficiently at between 45°C-50°C.

Stelrad is future-proofing its radiators to be fit for a future when renewable heating systems replace traditional heating systems. It has added a number of new models specifically to prepare for the increased needs of radiators fitted on renewable systems, with a number of larger radiators that will be needed to cater for the lower circulating temperatures used by renewables, particularly heat pumps.

Head of marketing Chris Harvey says: “We know that the key to selecting radiators that are right for the homes in which they are installed is to size them properly for each room. We know that there has been a tendency to oversize radiators rather than calculating what was needed in homes for a long while, seeing many radiators never actually achieving the heat output they are capable of.

“After taking this latest CPD, it will be clear that correct sizing is valuable not simply to ensure the radiators are the right size for each room but as importantly, you don’t spend more on a radiator than you need to, to end up with an oversized radiator in each room.”

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