You can be the difference

GreenSquareAccord is one of the biggest social housing and care providers in England. 

We believe passionately in our mission to build better lives and provide social housing and support services to 54,000 people across our four localities. We are proud to play an active role in helping people to deal with the consequences of the housing crisis by providing affordable homes for people in our communities who need them most.

Our focus is on building better lives. Everything we do is about people – whether that’s providing a good quality, safe home or providing care which helps someone to live an independent life.

Working for GreenSquareAccord gives you the chance to bring your skills and expertise and make a real difference. It doesn’t matter which role you are considering applying for, your work will help thousands of people build a better life.

• Renewables Engineer – £34,600-£43,200 per annum
• Plumber (Wet Heating Systems) – £26,500-£33,100 per annum
• Oil Service Repair Engineer – £34,600-£43,200 per annum
• Heating Installation Engineer – £34,600-£43,200 per annum
• Gas Compliance Auditor Surveyor – £34,600-£43,200 per annum
• Commercial Gas Engineer – £34,600-£43,200 per annum
• Planner £26,500-£33,100 per annum – Chippenham 

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