Gas Safe Santa

Is your home’s gas appliance naughty or nice?

With Christmas approaching fast, Santa, Gas Safe Register and the Fire and Rescue Service want to make sure that homes across the country get their gas appliances checked so that Santa can deliver his presents safely.

Santa may have good reason to be worried about his safety when he comes down the nation’s chimneys: Gas Safe Register’s latest research has identified those cities with the biggest proportion of unsafe gas appliances, putting putting millions of families – and Santa – in danger.

The 10 most unsafe cities in the UK, and their percentage of unsafe gas appliances are:
Edinburgh                 40%
Birmingham              33%
Norwich                    31%
Swindon                    29%
Wolverhampton         27%
London (outer)           25%
Sheffield                    24%
Coventry                   22%
London (inner)           22%

December is the time of year when Gas Safe Register finds the most unsafe appliances in UK homes. Over the past five years, an average of one in six (17%) gas boilers, fires and cookers were investigated and found to be unsafe in December.

Jonathan Samuel, chief executive at Gas Safe Register, says: “Christmas is a fun and exciting time of the year for families who get together and relax in their homes. However, it can quickly go wrong if families’ gas appliances stop working or become unsafe. Our data shows that December is a month where a lot of unsafe gas appliances are found as part of our investigations.

“Gas Safe Register is urging families to ensure that they get their annual gas safety check in time for the Christmas festivities so that they can enjoy the holidays with peace of mind that their gas appliances are working safely and efficiently.”

Mark Jones from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service adds: “December is always a busy time of the year for fire-related incidents. As a first line of defence, it is important to keep all appliances well maintained and ensure that the appropriate safety checks are carried out regularly, as well as having both CO and smoke alarms installed in homes.”

You can see Santa’s Gas Safe video message at

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