Gas Safe Register engineer standing at the door of his female customer, showing his ID card

Is your Gas Safe ID card up to date?

Your Gas Safe ID card is an important tool: it both promotes your business and helps to raise awareness of gas safety. When you show it, the licence card means that people can quickly and easily confirm that you are registered and hold the right competencies to carry out the gas work agreed.

The use of the licence card is covered in Gas Safe Register’s Rules of Registration. Anyone carrying out gas work must carry a licence (ID) card that shows the name of the registered business in whose name the gas work is being carried out.

Check the front
The Gas Safe ID card has information on both the front and back, so it’s important to check both sides. Here’s what the card shows on the front:

  • Your photo: Please check this is correct.
  • The name of the business that is registered and registration number: this is so that consumers can confirm engineers are from the company they contacted to carry out the work.
  • Start and expiry date: The start date will be the date the card was requested. The expiry date is the date the registration is due to expire. However, if your core work categories expire before the registration end date, the date that the work categories expire will be listed. If the date has expired, you should contact Gas Safe Register.
  • The licence number: Each registered engineer has their own unique licence number: this is at the top of the card and embossed across the middle as well.
  • Security hologram: Official Gas Safe ID cards have a hologram with the Gas Safe logo.

If you carry out work for other businesses, you must be registered in your own name or business for which you are working if the work is carried out in the name of that business. You must show your ID card when asked and return it to Gas Safe Register if it asks you to do this.

Check the back
On the back of the card is a full list of your work categories, along with the expiry date. Make sure you check that the work categories accurately describe the work areas in which you are qualified. If a work category expires before the end of the registration year, the expiry date of that work category will be included on the back of the card.

If any information appears to be inaccurate or missing, please contact Gas Safe Register as soon as possible.

When you renew your annual Gas Safe registration, you will receive an updated card automatically. However, if you take additional qualifications during the year, these will not be included.

If you extend range or scope – for example, by adding a changeover to LPG or from domestic to non-domestic – you should order a new ID card that accurately reflects your current competencies. The cost for this is £11 plus VAT and you can order a new card via your Gas Safe Register online account.

Did you know?
When you call Gas Safe Register’s contact centre, they will ask you for your licence number so that they can confirm your details. Don’t forget you can find this on the front of your ID card at the top and embossed across the middle. It’s also on the back of your card in the bottom right-hand corner.

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