Vokera AquaNova

Instantaneous fast hot water from Vokèra by Riello

Vokèra by Riello has launched the AquaNova LE water heater, which provides energy efficient, instantaneous domestic hot water to multiple outlets at a high flow rate. The AquaNova LE is suitable for domestic and light commercial applications that require an instant and reliable hot water supply.

Product director Alister Maclachlan says: “This compact water heater takes up less space than a conventional storage tank and almost eliminates standby losses, because energy isn’t wasted when hot water cools down in long pipe runs or while sitting in the tank.”

The AquaNova LE delivers a flow rate of 13.2 litres/min at a temperature rise of 35°C. Continuous gas modulation and electronic temperature sensing ensures accurate temperature control, and a lock function can be used to limit the outlet temperature.

There is a digital display and user interface for ease of operation, as well as a fault code display function for diagnostic purposes. Electronic ignition eliminates the need for a constantly running fan or pilot light.

It offers low NOx emissions and is classified under Class A of the Ecodesign of Energy-related Product Directive. AquaNova LE is available in both natural gas and LPG versions.


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