Male heating engineer, outside a home, kneeling by a Worcester Bosch hybrid heat pump

Hybrid heating with Worcester Bosch’s CS5800i

Worcester Bosch’s latest launch is the CS5800i hybrid heat pump, which the company says has been created with input from installers and built for speed and simplicity.

It pairs the CS5800i heat pump with an intelligent hybrid unit, harnessing natural energy for everyday heating needs and switching to a boiler for extra warmth during chilly spells or the colder months.

Worcester Bosch says it’s designed for hassle-free installation without the need for extensive system upgrades. It combines efficiency, versatility and ease of use to provide a future-flexible heating solution that meets the demands of today while paving the way for tomorrow.

Director of technical services Martyn Bridges says: “The way we heat our homes needs to be flexible if we are to reach our net-zero targets. Heat pumps will certainly play a huge part in this: however, many homeowners are put off by the disruption and cost of retrofitting properties to accommodate the technology.

“This is where hybrid systems can make their mark. By combining a heat pump with a boiler, homeowners will ultimately see less disruption and also won’t need to adapt to a new way of heating their homes.”

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