HWA Servicing Guide

HWA launches servicing guide for hot water cylinders

A new guide details what people can expect when they have their hot water storage cylinder serviced by a registered engineer. The guide is produced by the Hot Water Association (HWA) in conjunction with the wider industry, and HWA head of external affairs Isaac Occhipinti says: “Servicing is a topic that crops up almost on a daily basis. What constitutes a full service? What guidelines can I follow? These are regular conversations in the industry.

“As a result, the HWA, and its members have been considering what can be done to bring greater transparency, quality and consistency to servicing in the UK; helping the professional, accredited and diligent registered engineer to cut through and raise awareness of the necessity and requirements of a proper hot water storage system service.

“One consideration was a minimum ‘hot water storage cylinder servicing guide’, incorporating customer information requirements. Because most cylinders have common component parts, a guide that outlines agreed industry standards, founded on technical competence, legislative compliance and consumer protection seemed sensible.

The Homeowners guide to Unvented Hot Water Storage Cylinder Servicing focuses on compliance with legal requirements (eg, AD Part G) and ensures that essential appliance checks, tests and servicing tasks are correctly carried out, and in a safe manner.

“It lays out an agreed industry best-practice approach to hot water cylinder servicing, while noting the important role played by manufacturers’ instructions. The guide also aims to educate consumers on the standards they should expect and details a list of the steps engineers should take when they visit a customer’s home.

“This consumer-facing guide supports the professional accredited engineer. We believe that by outlining what homeowners can expect from their service, it will assist with the message that ‘the cheapest quote isn’t always the best.”

You can download and share the guide here.

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