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Have your say on proposed new low-carbon qualification

CIPHE’s Renewables and Low Carbon Technical Working Group wants to know what you think about introducing a qualification for low-carbon heating engineers.

The new Low Temperature Heating and Hot Water Systems in Dwellings course is being developed and led by CIPHE and industry associates, as part of its work with the government on the future of heat policies. The aim is to create a course that will help to educate and increase the number of low-carbon heating engineers.

Paul Harmer, CIPHE technical consultant, says: “As the UK transitions to decarbonising all homes and buildings by 2050, the increase in low-carbon technologies, such as heat pumps, will require a robust training framework to futureproof installers’ skills.

“To support this journey to a greener economy, the group has so far created the core competencies required for a Low Temperature Heating and Hot Water Systems in Dwellings course, and we are now carrying out a wider consultation to further seek opinion from installers and industry.”

Following the consultation, the group will be continuing to map out and design a new innovative set of digital training material and tools to assist the installer of the future.

The survey closes on 30 June.

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