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‘Half of homeowners won’t apply for Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant’

More than half of homeowners will not apply for the government’s £5,000 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant – and 43 per cent do not support a ban on gas boilers, a new survey has found.

The Great British Home Heating Survey of 18,000 customers, organised by Boiler Guide, saw 51 per cent of respondents say they will not be applying for grant that was announced in the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy.

Boiler Guide also asked if customers supported an outright ban on gas boilers: 43 per cent do not back a ban, although nearly 25 per cent are in favour. Nearly 32 per cent were unsure or had not thought about it.

When asked, “What’s putting you off renewable heating systems?” 54 per cent said it was cost, and nearly 18 per cent thought renewables systems weren’t suitable for their property. A lack of available space is also a concern for homeowners, cited by 15 per cent.

And 77 per cent said that the government should provide more financial help to decarbonise heating.

Boiler Guide founder David Holmes says: “The data we have collected points to general public support for decarbonising heating, but it is clear that the vast majority of homeowners think the government should be offering more financial incentives and support.

“Most people are aware that the £5,000 grant will not come close to the true cost of the installation of a heat pump. This, alongside the fact that heat pumps may not be suitable for millions of homes, is evidently not lost on the public.”

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