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Govt clarifies COVID-19 position for gas engineers

The government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has today (26 March 2020) responded to requests for clarification about whether gas engineers should be working in their customer’s homes during the COVID-19 crisis.

BEIS said on Twitter in response to HHIC: “For many working in the heating sector, their work cannot be carried out from home. Based on current medical advice, provided the worker is well and none of their household are self-isolating, then they can still travel to work.

“The Government encourages workers to take a sensible and measured approach to limit unnecessary contact by prioritising emergency work.

“If a home visit is required, the worker should follow the advice of Public Health England, including maintaining a two metre distance from any household occupants. Full guidance is here.”

Further information on what to do if you have upcoming ACS assessments, inspections and landlords’ gas safety records here.

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