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Get sweeping for Chimney Fire Safety Week

Chimney Fire Safety Week wants homeowners to clean up their act and get their chimneys swept by a HETAS-approved sweep. The campaign, part of the government’s Fire Kills campaign, says chimney fires were the cause of 3,900 incidents dealt with by fire and rescue services in England between April 2015 and March 2016.

Bruce Allen, CEO of HETAS, says: “Sweeping your chimney twice a year is the key to prevention. Not only does this remove soot and tar deposits, but it also gives sweeps the opportunity to check for any problems with the chimney or liner.

“Homeowners using HETAS-approved chimney sweeps can be confident that sweeps have the necessary training to sweep their chimney safely and will be giving their home the very best care and attention.”

Peter Holland, Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser to the government, says: “An open fire can be an ideal and pleasant way to keep warm in the winter. But without proper maintenance, a chimney can become dangerous.

“To keep you and your family safe from fire you should make sure you have your chimney swept regularly, depending on what fuel you burn, before the colder months set in and you begin to use your fire again.”

HETAS approved chimney sweep Emily Skeet says sweeping is quick and hassle-free. “A normal sweep will take me about an hour as I like to have a good chat with the client about their appliance. Contrary to what many people may think, I don’t make a mess. I use modern methods and tools such as a power-sweeping, CCTV and vacuums to ensure minimal disturbance for the homeowner.”

• For more information on maintaining your chimney and for advice on fire prevention, please visit: www.chimneyfiresafetyweek.co.uk To find your nearest HETAS approved sweep, visit http://www.hetas.co.uk/find-chimney-sweep/

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