Gen up on future heating with Vaillant White Paper

Vaillant’s new White Paper aims to provide a balanced view of different heating technologies so that heating engineers can give the right information to their customers.

“Decarbonising Home Heating in the UK” splits into three chapters covering heat pumps hydrogen, and hybrid heating systems so that people can make knowledgeable choices about how they heat homes now and in the future.

Chapter one outlines the properties most suitable for heat pumps, and looks at the opportunities as well as the developments needed to increase awareness among consumers. It addresses the challenges in growing the heat pump market, the lack of installers in the industry, the need for upskilling and the routes available to those wanting to install the low-carbon technology today.

The chapter on hydrogen highlights the timeline for hydrogen trials in the UK, covering what a hydrogen-ready mandate could entail, what Vaillant believes needs to be done, the developments under way, what heating engineers need to know to answer homeowners’ questions and how specifiers can prepare for the future fuel.

Hybrid systems looks at heat pump and boiler technologies used in tandem, usage, considerations, limitations and costs, so that hybrids can be included in the low-carbon option mix for UK homes where appropriate.

Vaillant managing director Klaus Jesse says: “The majority of the UK’s housing stock is ageing and around 80 per cent of these properties will still be in use in 2050s. This is why the decarbonisation of heat in homes is essential to achieving the government’s target of net zero by 2050. Low-carbon heating system solutions are available today, with more being developed for the future. However, it is clear there is no silver bullet and there will need to be a multi-technology approach to help the UK reach net zero.”

Mark Wilkins, technologies and training director, adds: “It is clear that a mix of technologies will be needed to help reduce emissions, especially in the immediate future. While we are working with the industry to bring hydrogen solutions for home heating, those needing to start their decarbonisation journey should turn to heat pump technology which is very much here now.”

You can download the White Paper here.

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