CO alarm

Gas Safety Trust to fund CO exposure research

The Gas Safety Trust (GST) is to fund an ongoing study into the experiences of those who have suffered exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

The research will work with people who have suffered both acute and chronic, low level exposure to CO. According to the Trust, evidence collected to date reveals a great need for this research, as participants report a ‘devastating fragmentation of their lives’ because of CO poisoning. GST says more than one sufferer has referred to the experience as being in ‘no man’s land’, because of the lack of help or support for the condition that exists currently.

The study will be carried out by Liverpool John Moores University.

GST chair Chris Bielby says: “The work being undertaken will fill a critical gap in our understanding of CO. A better understanding of the experiences of those who have been poisoned will help us to improve diagnosis, treatment and the way in which we deal with people. This is an important piece of work that will be watched keenly by policymakers, industry and healthcare professionals.”


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