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Gas Safe looking into TV builder and engineer

Gas Safe Register has complained to the BBC about its programme Homes Under the Hammer.

A recent episode showed a builder who claimed that he had fitted a boiler and central heating system, and that he engages a plumber to test and commission gas boilers.

Gas Safe Register has asked the BBC to make it clear that this is illegal gas work and, at the BBC’s request, is providing the Corporation with more information to make sure future programmes don’t repeat the error.

A BBC spokesperson says: “This was a repeat of an old episode of Homes Under the Hammer and will not be shown again. As a programme, we are fully aware of the regulations and are in the process of planning a meeting with Gas Safe Register as a refresher for all members of the team.”

Gas Safe’s Investigations Team is also looking into the circumstances of the programme, the builder and the alleged gas engineer, and will be providing any forthcoming information to the HSE, with a view to enforcement action.

Chief executive Jonathan Samuel says: “Those registered gas engineers who saw the episode will have been horrified, rightly, at what they saw.

“While this is not a common occurrence, we’d like to remind engineers that if you’re asked to sign off gas work that you haven’t done, you are working illegally, and you will be subject to sanctions under the Rules of Registration and possible enforcement action by the HSE.”

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