Valor Benchmark fire image

Gas fires join Benchmark scheme

Gas fire manufacturers across the UK are joining the Benchmark scheme, says the HHIC. They will include a generic checklist in their product literature that forms part of the warranty of the appliance.

HHIC director Stewart Clements says: “Extending the Benchmark scheme to include gas fires is good for manufacturers, consumers and installers alike. It demonstrates to the manufacturer that their product has been fitted correctly in line with their instructions; it protects the consumer by ensuring that the product is installed correctly and safely and, because installers are already familiar with Benchmark from boiler installations, it shows that they have completed the works to the necessary standard.”

Benchmark is a nationally recognised scheme that places responsibilities on both manufacturers and installers to ensure best practice in installation, commissioning and servicing of domestic heating and hot water products in line with Building Regulations in England and Wales.


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