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First 100% hydrogen boilers to go on public show

Baxi Heating and Worcester Bosch are to showcase their boilers in the UK’s first public demonstration of a 100 per cent hydrogen home. The project aims to demonstrate the use of hydrogen appliances in a real-world setting for heating, hot water and cooking in UK homes.

The semi-detached properties have been built in partnership with Northern Gas Networks, Cadent at NGN’s Low Thornley site, near Gateshead, and the appliances will be in place by the end of April. Alongside the hydrogen boilers, prototypes of hydrogen-fuelled fires, cookers and hobs will also be installed by partners working with BEIS on the Hy4Heat project.

This real-world demonstration of the technology marks a step-change for the boiler manufacturers’ progression of hydrogen from lab to field, as more appliances are installed in trial projects across the UK and Europe.

Karen Boswell, managing director at Baxi Heating UK and Ireland, says: “We are hugely proud to be a part of another ground-breaking hydrogen heating project and remain at the forefront of low-carbon development.

“Baxi Heating’s innovation and expertise with hydrogen technology, from lab research to participation in real-world trials, forms a key part of our commitment to a sustainable heating future. We are thrilled that this development will be used as a benchmark to educate the next generation in how we can provide clean, green energy to the homes of the future.”

Carl Arntzen, CEO of Worcester Bosch, adds: “The Hydrogen House project will help spearhead the safe implementation of hydrogen gas into the gas network and ultimately our homes. The trials under way there are an important step towards a zero-carbon future and we’re proud that our hydrogen boiler prototype is playing a pivotal part.

“[We] realise the importance that hydrogen gas will play in decarbonising home heating. Being involved in this project is testament to our passion to be at the forefront of its exciting development.”

Stella Matthews, business development manager at Northern Gas Networks, says: “We’re excited to work with both Baxi Heating and Worcester Bosch to bring hydrogen boilers to the public for the first time. The boilers look and feel just like those we use today with one key difference – they don’t create carbon when used. We hope to reassure visitors to the houses that they can still enjoy a safe and reliable gas supply in the future with minimal disruption to meet the government’s net-zero target.”

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