LG monobloc Therma V R32 heat pump

Fast heating and cooling with LG’s Monobloc R32 Therma V

The new LG R32 Monobloc Therma V heat pump unit makes it possible to incorporate standard boilers and/or solar panels into heating and cooling, for a truly innovative and economical heating and hot water system.

The Monobloc version of its popular air-to-water heat pump is now available in 5kW to 16kW 1Ø and 12kW to 16kW 3Ø. It comes with a wide operating range of 10Hz-135Hz and water temperatures up to 65°C without an electric heater and has an energy label rating of A+++.

The new unit is quieter than previous models and new features include a new scroll type compressor, designed and manufactured by LG Electronics with ‘wet vapour’ injection. The unit has excellent performance at low ambient temperatures – 100 per cent at -7°C.

LG units offer quicker response times for the provision of heating and cooling, by sensing not only the temperature but also pressure – a pressure control sensor provides a faster and more accurate response, significantly reducing the time delay for implementing heating or cooling commands. The addition of pressure control enables the Therma V Monobloc to take less time to reach the desired temperatures, with up to 30 per cent quicker response in cooling and 44 per cent quicker response in heating.


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