Consultation opens on components for hydrogen installations

A consultation is now open on the requirements for components, testing and measuring equipment used in hydrogen installations.

PAS 4443 Assessment Criteria: Requirements for ancillary valves, devices and components used in hydrogen gas installations – Specification – covers the requirements downstream of the emergency control valve (ECV). It also covers test and measuring equipment that does not necessarily form part of the final installation but which is used in applications associated with a hydrogen gas installation.

The PAS is intended to be used in Great Britain to determine safety levels for hydrogen installations as a supplement to existing standards and generally assumes that any default performance requirements (for example, leakage) align with those of equivalent ancillary components utilised on 2nd family gas installations, unless specifically stated otherwise. This PAS is for use by the manufacturers of such valves, devices and components used in hydrogen gas installations.

It covers gas installations in domestic, residential and non-domestic premises, including commercial and light industrial, in line with the scopes of BS 6891 and the current edition of IGEM/UP/2.

You can download, review and comment on the draft here. You’ll need to register free if you don’t already have a BSI account.

The closing date for consultation is 16 September 2022.

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