Claim rewards with new promotions from Worcester Bosch

Gas engineers can now receive rewards for purchasing Worcester Bosch boilers as part of two new promotional schemes from the company.

Engineers can earn rewards if they purchase, install and register a Greenstar Ri boiler before 31 August, 2021. Once the boiler is registered through Worcester’s online Excelerate portal, the engineer can claim a £50 voucher code, which can be exchanged for gift cards redeemable at up to 90 retailers including John Lewis, Waitrose, Pizza Express and Spotify. Up to three claims can be made by each engineer, earning a maximum reward of £150.

Engineers based in the Republic of Ireland can claim £50 cashback on a Worcester Bosch-branded Mastercard.

In a second promotion, called Fit 6, Excelerate members can claim cashback based on the number of additional boilers they purchase and install between 1 July and 30 November. Each purchase must be registered on their Excelerate account.

Engineers can earn £150 cashback, loaded onto a Worcester Bosch-branded Mastercard, if they purchase, install and register three boilers during those five months, or £250 cashback if they purchase, install and register six additional boilers.

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