A series of three mobile phone screens showing different stages of Checkatrade quoting and invoicing tool

Checkatrade adds free quoting and invoicing tool

Checkatrade is offering members a new quoting and invoicing tool on its mobile and web-based trade app. Tradespeople spend on average 2 hours 24 minutes per week quoting and invoicing customers, says Checkatrade, and its easy-to-use tool is designed to help streamline the process. It can be used for all jobs, regardless of whether they come via Checkatrade or not.

The quoting and invoicing tool is set up particularly for service, repairs and maintenance jobs, and makes it easier for members and homeowners to agree on job detail and payment terms.

To create a quote, you can use the guided workflow on the app to input details about the job, such as the scope of work, time, material costs, and any miscellaneous items, including certificates or assessments required. You can also apply discounts and calculate tax.

Quotes are personalised using your business profile, including logo, and can be tailored for homeowners with notes and messaging.

Once the homeowner approves the quote and the job is done, it can be converted into an invoice with payment due dates. All quotes and invoices are stored in the Checkatrade app and can be downloaded to help with accounting and bookkeeping.

CEO Jambu Palaniappan says: “Our members often tell us quoting is a pain point in the day-to-day running of their business and homeowners want quick, detailed breakdowns for jobs to avoid surprises after the work is done.

“Our new tool helps members quickly price jobs, create detailed quotes and send invoices in a few clicks, saving them time and giving homeowners peace of mind.”

You can find out how to use the tool in this tutorial, and find more about how to become a Checkatrade member, and the different membership options here.

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