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Changing your trading title: what you need to know

If you change any of your business details, you must tell Gas Safe Register within specific timescales, as set out in the Rules of Registration.

You can change your contact details yourself on the phone or by logging into your online account. But if you need to change your trading title, Gas Safe Register has to make additional checks to confirm any changes to the ownership of the business – for example, changing from a non-limited company to a limited company.

Your trading title, under which gas work is carried out, must be and remain the trading title registered with Gas Safe. Registered businesses that use the Gas Safe brand with a trading title that is different to that entered on the Register may face action, as set out in the Brand Enforcement Policy.

How do I request a change of trading title?
Simply log into your online account and choose Change Trading Title Request under My Business > Business Details, and then complete the indicated information.

If you prefer to make changes in writing, you must do so within five business days of any change. You will need to provide the following information:

  • The current and new trading title of your business
  • The company name, if different
  • The type of business entity
  • The Companies House registration number for the business
  • Business address and contact details of the responsible person for the business.

Note: Not all changes are possible under the Rules of Registration. Some changes may require that you complete a new application.

How much will it cost?
It doesn’t cost anything to request a change to your trading title. But if you need a new ID card to show your updated details, this costs £11 plus VAT.

Renewing soon?
If you’ll be renewing your registration soon, Gas Safe Register recommends that you should change the trading title first, if required, so that your ID card(s) and registration certificate will be sent out with the new company name. Please allow plenty of time before your renewal date.

Important: You must notify Gas Safe Register if your limited company is dissolved or goes into liquidation, administration or receivership. This must be done in writing by email, or online, and within five business days.

Where a business ceases to trade, goes into administration or is liquidated, and Gas Safe Register has documented evidence of this, it will arrange for the registration to be cancelled.

If you have any questions about completing the online form, you can call 0800 408 5577 or email The Register may need you to provide more information, and failure to provide this within five business days will result in the registration being archived, as per the Registration Policy.

You can find the Register’s policies on Registration and Brand Enforcement at:

A fuller version of this article appears in the September 2023 print edition of Registered Gas Engineer magazine.

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