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Biggest challenge in 2023 will be cost of materials, say plumbers

The rising cost of materials will be the most significant challenge for plumbers in 2023, according to a new report that looks at how confident the industry feels.

The study, carried out by ElectricalDirect, asked tradespeople about their views on the year ahead. It found that, although the landscape is difficult, a few are cautiously optimistic.

Just 7 per cent of UK plumbers think their companies will have a good 2023, and 10 per cent believe the industry will grow stronger over the coming months. And 17 per cent of plumbers think they’ll be better off financially in 2023, with one in five (21 per cent) looking to expand and take on new staff.

But with impacts including the cost-of-living crisis, some plumbers are more wary about the next 12 months. All respondents acknowledged that there will be challenges, and top of the list is the rising cost of materials (48 per cent). They were also concerned about rising fuel costs, customers doing their own DIY work, lack of work, and getting hold of materials.

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