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Beat tool theft and get ARMD

A new dedicated tool insurance is designed to protect the livelihoods of tradespeople, with a promise to get you up and running quickly if you suffer a loss.

ARMD enables you to record, protect, insure and replace your tools quickly, either online or via its easy-to-use app.

The free tool inventory lets you easily record your tools in one place, which is useful for audits, accounting and claiming insurance.

A second, crucial, protection is dedicated tool insurance that covers you if you do not take your tools out of your van at night, which other policies may require. Once your tools are in the inventory, you can claim digitally, saving hassle and time.

ARMD also gives you access to smart anti-theft security products for your van, protecting your tools with a range of powerful locks, alarms and smart sensors that automatically call you when someone tries to break in.

Its tool shop has more than 30,000 tools from leading brands: when you buy, you can quickly insure your tools so you are protected from the outset. Tools bought or replaced through the tool shop are automatically added to your tool inventory so that you do not need to upload them manually.

Co-founder Stephen Holland says: “There is one tool theft every 23 minutes, which equates to approximately 23,000 a year – and that figure is only those that are reported.

“It can’t go on, and that is why we developed ARMD. In just a few minutes you can insure your tools, protect your livelihood and secure peace of mind.

“We listened to and developed ARMD with the trade, to tackle the many different pain points they experience when trying to protect themselves and their tools. We are proud that our products keep the trade working: they’re the backbone of our country and no one should be left out of work because of tool theft.”

You can download the app for iOS and Android or go to

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