Gas engineer adding thermostatic radiator valve to radiator

Animation helps explain new TRV requirement to your customers

BEAMA Heating Controls group has created a short animation to inform consumers about the Building Regulations changes that will require gas engineers to fit thermostatic room controls when replacing a boiler.

From 15 June 2022, the new requirement will match the current standards for new heating systems and, in most cases, installing thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) will meet this. TRVs should be added to all heated rooms except the one that contains the room thermostat: existing working TRVs do not need to be replaced.

Research at the University of Salford* found that, under standard operating conditions, a heating system with TRVs would use around 18 per cent less gas than one without.

Remi Volpe, chairman of BEAMA Heating Controls, says: “This change to the regulations will directly benefit householders by saving them money and should be welcomed by our industry. We know that many installers saw fitting TRVs as good practice to deliver an efficient and effective heating system, but also feared that adding them to a quotation could see them being undercut by competitors. The fact that this is now a required minimum standard will help to level the playing field, and it’s important that we get this message out as widely as possible.”

This new requirement applies in England from June. It’s anticipated that similar requirements will come into force in Wales and Scotland.

You can view the TRV animation here.

*Tests by Salford University, on behalf of BEAMA and BRE (2018)

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