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2 in 3 people are worried about the cost of staying warm this winter, says EUA

Two-thirds of consumers are worried about being able to keep warm this winter as the gas crisis bites, according to a new opinion poll by the Energy and Utilities Alliance. And they want fast-tracking of alternative energy sources to heat their homes,

The 2,000 survey responses put the blame on the government and energy suppliers almost equally, with 26 per cent blaming energy suppliers, 25 per cent the government, and 13 per cent Ofgem. Just over 40 per cent blamed all three.

Overwhelmingly, three out of four people asked (74 per cent) agree that the government should keep the price cap for energy bills in place, placing a limit on bill increases rather than allowing the market to determine the price for energy.

Two-thirds (66 per cent) say they are worried about being able to afford to keep warm this winter, and 65 per cent say any increase in household energy bills above £10 a month is unacceptable.

Householders are looking for government action on energy to prevent a repeat of the gas crisis. More than nine in ten (96 per cent) think it’s important for the government to invest in alternative sources of energy such as zero-carbon hydrogen, and only one in four (25 per cent) want to see gas central heating removed from homes to be replaced with electric appliances.

Mike Foster, CEO of Energy and Utilities Alliance, says: “These results are shockingly clear. The government cannot be comfortable knowing that two-thirds of people are genuinely worried about being able to keep warm this winter.

“But consumers don’t want to pay higher energy bills and are blaming the government and energy suppliers for the problems they now face. Any increases above a tenner a month are seen as unacceptable.

“There is also a very clear message being sent about future energy policy. Consumers expect – actually, they are demanding – that the government invests in alternative sources of energy, such as zero-carbon hydrogen, to avoid a repeat of what we are going through. When 96 per cent of the public support something, politicians had better listen.

“The current crisis is further proof that we need to decarbonise our gas network, using zero-carbon gases such as hydrogen and keep costs down by adopting hydrogen-ready boilers.

“What our politicians must avoid at all costs is a dash for electricity. These results clearly show that there is real concern over electricity prices and the consequences for consumers if we try and convert homes from gas for heating. What’s more, the electricity grid will not be able to withstand the extra demand being placed upon it in winter months.”

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