Fee-free leads from new trade directory

Verified is the new trade directory from Expert Trades. The directory is free for trades professionals and homeowners, and has no subscription or lead fees.

Expert Trades aims to make it as easy as possible for its members to run their businesses and to win more work. It offers website design, admin management, the tool review platform Tool Talk, exclusive product deals, and events and focus groups with partner brands.

CEO Adam Callow says: “I started Expert Trades to make a big positive impact on our industry, and seeing thousands of trades join us for this journey is extremely exciting. It’s about time that trades professionals had a company working alongside them to build their business instead of making it even harder to earn a living with all the costs they already incur.”

The Home Advice Hub collects reviews and recommendations from customers, and answers questions, which is says means that trades professionals are more likely to win more work.


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